Television and Vietnam

The 1960s was a period of "rising affluence" and "consensus"

Peter Arnett with burned-out airplane near Bien Hoa in 1965 (AP)

1964 Gulf of Tonkin resolution

telefilms of "paranoia" 1964-66

Buddhist monk (Time 1963)
Tet attack in Saigon, Life 1968/02/09
Loan executes a VC, by AP's Eddie Adams

Harry Rasky in 1965 filmed the war from the USS Kitty Hawk

Vietnam consensus broke down


Nixon era of "upheavals" 1969-74

Watergate 1972-74 "came at a crucial moment in the history of public television"

"Power of Pictures," part 4 of Television series on PBS hosted by Edwin Newman, 1987


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