Development of Radio News

Lowell Thomas - Sept. 29, 1930
Press-radio war - April 1933
Schechter at NBC; Klauber, White at CBS
1934 Communications Act - "public interest"
FDR's New Deal - a "national public forum"
Senator Burton Wheeler cut off in East
Earl Browder dropped in New England
Hawariate relayed but Aloisi refused by BBC
Edward VIII's abdication Dec. 1936
Murrow organizes CBS European bureau
Shirer, LaSuer, Collingwood, Smith, Sevareid
Murrow critical of BBC Nov. 1937: March 13, 1938 - multipoint shorwave roundup
Sept. 12-30 - Munich - Kaltenborn in Studio 9
1939 - The World Today at 6:45 p.m. every day
1943 - On Oct. 12, NBC Blue became the American Broadcasting Company (ABC)
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